A Huge Park is a Large Enough Park!

Normanton Park Condo is a new 99-year rent hold luxury condominium development located in 3 Parks. With a total site area of661,000 sq ft, it is the largest ever luxury condo development to emerge in Toronto. With a big site space of660,000 square feet, it is also the tallest city-rift mega launch housing 1,863 detached residences, 22 single-family dwellings, 8 condominium units and 110 serviced sites. The building is designed on the Y-shaped model, with each unit on its own level of the building. A distinctive feature of this building is that each floor has an elevating entrance and exit.

A Relaxing Place For Vacationing

The huge land space that is occupied by the Normanton Park condominium is divided into residential high-rises and ultra-modern lofts. At the ultra-modern lofts there are studios, one-bedroom units, loft suites, lofts with over-sized terraces and pent houses. Most of the units consist of facilities like oversized kitchens, fully equipped fitness centers, game rooms, and elevators. Some of the buildings also have their own garages for the car parking needs of the residents.

The residential units at the Normanton park condo are available in different designs and sizes. There are single-family units, estates, high-rise towers, townhomes and penthouses and many more. The units can be had as suites with one or two bedrooms, studios with one to three bedrooms, one bedroom units, studio apartments, duplexes, and many more. The developers also provide a wide range of additional services in order to suit the diverse requirements of the customers. These include laundry services, welcome centers, pet services, swimming pools, tennis courts, childcare centers, valet parking, and much more.

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