How You Can Order Your Custom Handmade Damask Knives From The Damascus Knives Shop

The Damascus knives shop is located in al-Balad, which is one of the old parts of Syria. This shop has been running for more than thirty years and has built a reputation of providing the best quality custom handmade pocket knives in the entire world. The original concept for the “Damascus” knives was based on the skills and talent of two men who had received their training in professional military knives from the famous U.S. Military Academy at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. After the completion of their specialized studies, the two retired to start their own business. By combining their knowledge with their passion for crafting high-quality knives, they were able to establish a business that is still running today.

Why You Should Use A Damascus Steel Tactical Knife

The main products that this shop sells are custom handmade damask knives. They offer a variety of pocket knives and folding knives as well as some collectible knives. You can buy these in different colors and styles including genuine damask. This will help you make your selection easier. When you visit the Damask shop, you will also be given an opportunity to try out the different models for yourself which will enable you to make your selection even easier.

The other products that you can buy from this online selling store include DHL delivery in Turkey. This can be delivered within three days of your purchase, which is great especially if you are not far from the place. When you get your order delivered at your doorstep, you will not need to wait for several days to be able to get your new set of knives-Damascus custom Damascus kitchen knives blades. The DHL delivery will make everything else in the process even easier.

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