Recruitment Agency in France For Romanian Workers

Despite the high costs of hiring an expatriate, France offers a wide range of advantages to companies looking to hire Romanian workers. For one thing, EU law provides free movement of people between countries. The same goes for people living in Romania. Unlike non-EU citizens, who are restricted to a limited number of nationalities, Romanian workers can work in any country in the European Union. How to Know About les agences d intérime

How to Use a Recruitment Agency for Romanian Workers in France

In Romania, companies are hiring from all sectors. These industries include IT, tourism, pharmaceutical, and food industries. In France, Romanian companies are looking to hire workers from different countries. In France, the unemployment rate is around 6 percent. However, this is still very low, even for a developing country. In Romania, you will be able to find a job that matches your qualifications and your lifestyle.

If you are an experienced professional in the French workforce, you should consider joining a recruitment agency in France. While big agencies are capable of finding qualified candidates quickly and efficiently, they are limited in their ability to do so. Instead, it is advisable to approach recruitment agencies in Romania, which focus on placing foreigners in French companies. The culture of Romanian business is formal and hierarchical. Respect for elders and seniors is a key aspect of Romanian business.

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